Tuesday, 15 May 2007


Hi People
You can phone South Wales Police in the hope of getting thru to the chief constable, but she'll be at some meeting or other. so its unlikely that you will speak to her.
You can write a letter to the chief constable but you'd betta make sure you send it signed for. Not that she's likely to respond in person its all about deligate deligate deligate these days, but then those deligated never respond to chase up letters much like the IPCC eh Crazydave.
So I've sent the Police Authority a freedom of information request via email for Mrs Wildings email address and like so many other emails I have sent they have not yet replied. (copy of that email below)
Maybe one of those intrepid investigative journalist so few and far between it seems can find out wot it is????? Or MAYBE ITS TIME WE DEMANDED THAT THIS PUBLIC SERVANT HAS A PUBLIC ACCESS EMAIL ADDRESS THAT MAYBE IS DIFFERENT FROM THE ONE SHE USES TO DEAL WITH HER COLLEGUES.
So that if we are not satisfied with the person deligated to deal with our complaints we are easily able to contact the organgrinder rather than the monkees????
Eh Police Authority Dudes! Eh European Court of Human Rights or their Webmaster (cos believe it or not they havent yet responded to my letter of complaint or the webmaster has not forwarded the one in the blogs on http://bbccrazydave.blogspot.com to whoever there is at enquiries there. Given that were in the 21st Century with email becoming the usual way of correspondence that is remarkable in itself)
Social Justice isn't just for the rich Chief Constable, is it Chief of the ECHR???
Love n Light people from Crazydave.
Well Media dudes are we up for it, oops here's the email to the POLICE AUTHORITY this one sent 30/4/07
Hi there police.authority@south-wales.pnn.police.uk

I've sent a couple of emails that have been returned, with the freedom of information request for the chief constables email address.

I did try and send the collection of video evidence that I wish to have investigated, as that apparently has been ignored! goto http://www.myspace.com/smilingcrazydave
and click on video.

thanks for a prompt response.

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